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Masturbation's lost its fun

And I'm fucking breaking

"I'm lost for Words"
"I commented when I first saw how [David] was acting that he was in danger of making math sexy!"
My life has been rated:
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Created by bart666

My life is rated PG-13.
What is your life rated?

Thanks to urmycowboy320 for the FO banner!

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Donnie Darko Is They Made Me Do It Love
Made By:litegod

Boone is love.

Green Day is Punk Love

Paul Bettany is love.

Daniel Radcliffe is love.

Ian Somerhalder Love

The Eppes Brothers are Love.

Jude Law is British Hot Love

Fred & George Weasley are Always Up To No Good
Made by reddiej

All COLOR BARS can be found at my account color_me_bar
ALL CLAIMS can be found in my community/back up place for stuff that clutters my info here: lichened
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